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-Hello+======= Welcome to the e·z·Pi·c wiki =======
-{{ :ezpic2.svg?300x300&​nocache }}+{{ :ezpic_logo.png?600&​nocache }}
-{{ezpic2.svg?​300x300&​nocache}}+**ezPiC** [ˌiːzi ˈpiːzi] is an all-in-one web configurable IoT device in Hybrid-Python for RaspberryPi,​ \*Pi, ESP32 and PC (for development and debugging)
-{{arc:​modules_iotx.svg?​1000&​nocache}}+It's Open Source and can be found at GitHub: [[https://​​fablab-wue/​ezPiC.Device|​fablab-wue/​ezPiC.Device]] 
 +^Web Part^IoT Part^ 


Easy *Pi Controller for IoT Devices